Holly Carlin CPA


Holly Carlin offers complete accounting services as well as mediation services.

Accounting Services

Holly Carlin offers complete accounting services including the following:

  • Ability to securely download client  files.
  • All standard accounting procedures.
  • Elderly financial services (pay bills and accurately account for expenses).
  • Simple Estate Planning.
  • Pro Advisor for QuickBooks
  • IRS & State Representation – Problems with the IRS or State
  • Small business & individuals.
  • Tax & financial planning.
  • Accounting Services for Home Owners Associations
  • Taxes – Individual, Small Business, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, S-Corporations, Corporations, Trusts, Gifts
  • Consulting

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If you have issues or conflicts that need to be resolved, Mediation can often be the best solution.

Why to choose Mediation:

  • Works for many conflicts large or small.
  • Does not always mean compromise.
  • Conflicts often resolve themselves, since both parties must work together on a voluntary basis.
  • "Willingness" by both parties is the key word.

Holly is well versed in the area of conflict resolution through Mediation and is authorized to work in the Third District Court in Salt Lake City.


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